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Urza's Saga

Printing Information
The Urza's Saga expansion set was printed with black borders on the face of the cards.

Cards can be identified by the expansion symbol on the right hand side of the middle section. The expansion symbol is a two meshed gears. The expansion symbol is black for common cards () silver for uncommon cards () and gold for rare cards ().

The 350 card set's breakdown by rarity looks like this:
110 Rares
110 Uncommons
110 Commons
20 Lands

The Phyrexian Colossus card was printed as card number 306/350 when it should be 305/350.

It was released in early October 1998.

The print run is unknown.

These cards were written under the Fifth Edition rules.

Each starter deck included a rulebook with some background story plus some special rules for cards that appeared in the expansion.

Packaging Information
75 card tournament decks (3 rare, 10 uncommon, 32 common, 30 land, rule sheet) originally retailed for $9.95. 12 decks per box.

15 card booster packs (1 rare, 3 uncommon, 11 common) originally retailed for $2.95. 36 packs per box.

60 card preconstructed decks (2 rare, 13 uncommon, 24 common, 21 land, strategy guide) originally retailed for $9.99. 4 different decks.

Other Products
Urza's Saga was part of a cycle that includes Urza's Legacy and Urza's Destiny.

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Card Lists
These lists and others can also be found on the lists page.

Fancy PDF (137k)Oct 1998
Text (21k)July 1998
Text Spoiler (128k)Oct 1998
Text of Precon Decks (5k)June 1999
Text (48k) - Oracle ErrataJan 2008

Starter Box
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