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Apprentice Version 1.46 Has been released!

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review the Mirroring Terms and email us at
appr146.exe - Apprentice v1.46USA - MA - 1.45mb - Mercadian MasquesUSA - MA - 275kb
blueberry.zip - The Apprentice Beta Theme Maker (Blueberry Example). Note: This download is in beta. It is a very basic implementation and only recommended for advanced users. Please be sure to read the readme.txt. USA - MA - 232kb
M I R R O R - S I T E S - Apprentice v1.45 USA - CA - Apprentice v1.45USA - WA
appr145.exe - Apprentice v1.45USA - WI
appr146.exe - Apprentice v1.46UK
appr145.exe - Apprentice v1.45POLAND
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