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Deck Clinic Submission Guidelines

  1. Send us a complete list. We will not clinic half baked ideas for you. While there is some appeal to doing that it is too much work to ask of clinicians who need to have some reasonable framework to reference.
  2. Spell check any and all comments you make. This is important because we often quote verbatim and do not change what people say.
  3. Keep the Language clean. No cursing or derogatory comments will be accepted.
  4. Give us a name, or nick name to call you. If you dont we will post your email instead or ignore it as we see fit.
  5. Please make sure your cards are spelled correctly and capitalized. This step makes it easier for us to clinic them.
  6. Tell us what format this is for even if it is obvious.
  7. DO NOT make an attachment of a *.dec or *.txt file. We will not process emails with attachments.
  8. Lastly and most importantly, dont send us a netdeck and ask us to clinic it. We are not going to. We will ignore emails that request this. What is a net deck? Well if you can go to a popular site and find it, its definitely a netdeck. Also included in this are decks that consistantly make top 8s in high level tourneys. The more original your deck ideas the more likely they will be posted and cliniced.

Paul Emerson Leicht
Armyhead on IRC
Deck Clinic Manager