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E-League Deck Clinic

by Hero- July 10th 2001

Andy (Dragon) Byrne writes,

i would like to know if this is any good and what i should but in side board

ana-monger deck

4 spirit mongers
4 anavolvers
4 penumbra kavu
2 urborg drake
2 gae's sky folk
4 Quiron elves
2 mystic snake

3 pernicous deeds
2 counter spells
4 ana sanctuary
2 recoil
2 fertile ground
2 shimmering wings

8 forest
5 island
5 swamp
4 salt marsh
2 yavimaya coast

Here's my revision of the "Ana-Monger" deck:

Ana-Monger (revised by Hero-)

4 Spiritmonger
4 Anavolver
4 Blastoderm
3 Mystic Snake
3 Gaea's Skyfolk
4 Urborg Elf

3 Pernicious Deed
4 Counterspell
3 Recoil
4 Duress

4 Yavimaya Coast
4 Underground River
4 Llanowar Wastes
4 Island
8 Forest

4 Kavu Chameleon
3 Glacial Wall
3 Tsabo's Decree
3 Cremate
2 Persecute

Well, I looked at your deck, and saw cards I normally wouldn't use in a Standard deck. Penumbra Kavu and Urborg Drake didn't make the cut. Instead, I added more Gaea's Skyfolk and Blastoderm. Quiron Elves were also replaced by Urborg Elf, since Urborg Elf provides for the colors of the deck. Ana Sanctuaries were also dropped, since there are very few blue permanents to make the Sanctuary worth while. Fertile Ground and Shimmering Wings were also dropped, for better utility cards like Counterspell and Duress. The land base was also altered to smooth out the mana and make it more possible to get the color you need.

Now for everyone's favorite part of the show...

Card-by-Card Analysis
Spiritmonger - Well, it wouldn't be "Ana-Monger" without the Monger, eh? This guy is a beast, literally!
Anavolver - The deck would just be "Monger" without this lego creature.
Blastoderm - Good, cheap creature. Serves the quick beats. He's a beast too!
Mystic Snake - Counters stuff, then bites the opponent for casting a spell.
Gaea's Skyfolk - Flying bears! How could you go wrong?
Urborg Elf - These guys are better than Quirion Elves because they provide any color that your deck needs.
Pernicious Deed - Whee. A disk! Mass removal is fun. Get rid of all that stuff that's blocking your Monger.
Counterspell - Solid.
Recoil - Good bounce for those pesky enchantments and whatnot.
Duress - Solid as well.
Land - This land base gives more balance to all colors.
For the sideboard...
Kavu Chameleon - No counter for you! Also evades a Wash Out or a Hibernation, and many black removal spells.
Glacial Wall - For Fires. Stop the big freaks in their tracks with this block of ice.
Tsabo's Decree - For Rebels, Fishies, or even Saprolings.
Cremate - No more Nether Spirit for you.
Persecute - Mono color decks, like a red bridge, or a big blue deck, cringe at this card.

Other ideas for the deck in maindeck or sideboard are Tsabo's Web, more countering spells, or more drawing capabilites. Have fun, and keep topdecking.

Jimmy Mekaroun
Hero- on IRC