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B/R Land Destruction
By KrmtDfrog on September 2, 2001


B/R Land Destruction

by KrmtDfrog

Hello, here's my type II R/B deck. This deck tries to leave your oponnent with no lands and few cards in hand, then get the avatar in play and finish him. I putted here some discard and many land-destruction spells.

  8 Mountain
  8 Swamp
  4 Urborg Volcano

  Land Destruction
  4 Implode
  4 Pillage
  3 Rain of Tears
  4 Goblin Gardener
  4 Stone Rain

  3 Duress
  4 Ravenous Rats

  4 Seal of Fire
  3 Seal of Doom
  3 Avatar of Woe
  4 Nightscape Familiar
I haven't made a sideboard yet... But I was thinking in some Engineered Plagues to get rid of fast goblin, elf, and saprolin decks. I'm waiting for your comments!


Well, its a good, classic deck theme that has been around MtG for many years - the denial deck. It denies you the sources to cast spells and strips your hand of other things as well. The problem is... if you are taking away their ability to cast spells, then you have no real need to get rid of those spells - let them sit in his hand.

With that in mind, we can reduce the Hand destruction and focus on better creatures that can do damage before the person gets enough mana to recover. Also, with the addition of Dodecapod, heavy discard is less and less attractive.

  5 Mountain
  5 Swamp
  4 Rishadan Port
  4 Karplusan Forest
  4 Sulphurous Springs - 22 total

  Land Destruction
  4 Implode
  3 Befoul
  4 Pillage
  3 Rain of Tears
  4 Stone Rain         - 18 total

  4 Duress
  3 Fire/Ice
  2 Urza's Rage
  3 Skizzik
  2 Thunderscape Battlemage
  3 Thunderscape Familiar
  3 Nightscape Familiar - 20 total
60 Total

The Cards that Got Cut:
-Goblin Gardener - R3 for a tiny creature that is only good once it is dead? Bah.
-Ravenous Rats - Good card, but bad vs 'Pod and not necessary if we're blowing up all the lands.
-Seal of Fire & Seal of Doom - Not very good removal compared to a versatile Fire/Ice which can kill two mana producing 1/1's or 0/1's and Rage, which gets em big or small and can kill your opponent if need be.
-Avatar of Woe - This card is just silly. By the time you get to this, you should be smacking with little 1/1's and 2/2's. Skizzik is a much cheaper threat that will speed the deck up.
-Urborg Volcano - if you don't have Sulphurous Springs, these are fine, but there is really no reason not to be playing them.

Cards that got Added:
-Befoul - Creature or Land kill... why not?
-Fire/Ice - R1, Kill two Birds of Paradise or two Llanowar Elves or... etc.
-Urza's Rage - for the larger problems and vs. control decks.
-Skizzik - Tha Beats in this deck - can come out with kicker on turn 4. Add in Dark Ritual if you want to speed this up.
-Thunderscape Battlemage - Enchantment kill and Hand destruction if you feel the need.
-Thunderscape Familiar - Why not speed it up even more?
-Pain lands - mana... duh.
-Rishadan Port - If you can't kill it, neutralize it. Be careful vs blue decks and Teferi's Response.

Also, the casting costs of your deck, while not bad to begin with, aren't high at all now.

1 - 4 cards
2 - 9 cards
3 - 15 cards
4 - 6 cards
5 - 4 cards

Keep in mind that with 6 Familiars, this will go down even more.

Best of Luck
					-Kermit D. Frog