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Land, ho!
By Hero- on August 29, 2001

Rob Eubanks (crush_303 on IRC) writes,

Hi. I sent you a deck yesterday that my friend and I had been working on for about a week, unfortunately, about two hours after we sent it off, we found a very similar version on Mindripper or Meridian or somewhere. And since you don't take net decks, please forget about my seismic assault deck. But we did work up a new one last night. Here it is.

type 2
deck name: Matter5
colors G/R

Main Deck:
4 Llanowar Elves
4 Birds of Paradise
2 Groundskeeper
3 Jolrael, Empress of Beasts
4 Natural Emergence
3 Natural Affinity
2 Nature's Revolt
4 Scouting Trek
4 Clear the Land
2 Harrow
4 Wild Growth
1 Blanchwood Armor
1 Symbiotic Deployment
1 Stream of Life
1 Early Harvest

14 Forest
6 Mountain

I haven't built a sideboard yet, but *shrug* the main deck is the hard part really. Any suggestion?


Rob Eubanks

Well, a land attacking deck has been Cliniced in fact, by Nick26. Mine will be of a different build, with different ideas.

First impressions of the deck:
1. Waaaaaaaay too much acceleration. Between the Birds, Elves, Wild Growths, Harrows, and Scouting Trek/Clear the Land, you've got some serious problems. Trek/Clear is the best acceleration, giving you a possible 8 land on turn 3. You wouldn't need all those Elves and Growths and Harrows when you can have 8 land that quickly.
2. Sheesh, do you need enough spells to make your land into creatures? Natural Emergence, Nature's Revolt, and Jolrael, Empress of BEATS are enough to send the kill.
3. All these 1-of cards are not good. Symbiotic Deployment isn't that great of a card. If you had a land-into-creature card out, it takes you 3 lands to draw one card. You might as well use Jayemdae Tome.
4.You've only got 1 red spell for your 6 Mountains. Also, nonbasic lands are not the Devil (Waterboy reference!). Don't be afraid to use them.

With all this in mind, here is my version:

Matter5 (revised by Hero-)

4 Birds of Paradise
3 Jolrael, Empress of Beasts
2 Beast of Burden
4 Natural Emergence
2 Nature's Revolt
3 Seal of Fire
3 Urza's Rage
4 Scouting Trek
4 Clear the Land
3 Bedlam
3 Seismic Assault

14 Forest
7 Mountain
4 Karplusan Forest

"Whoa, what the !@#$ did he do to the deck?" is something you might think. Well, that's why we have the ever-popular...

Card-by-Card Analysis
Birds of Paradise - It gives the colors you need, which is much more reliable than Llanowar Elves.
Jolrael, Empress of BEATS (Beasts for the idiots) - Makes your land only into killing machines. I almost went with a Jolrael/Pernicious Deed deck. (Armageddon lives!)
Beast of Burden - Seems random, but check it out: Imagine 8 land out with Nature's Revolt. Your Beast becomes a powerhouse if you have Bedlam out. The downside is that it can be easily killed with a Disenchant or a Pillage.
Natural Emergence - One of the staples of the deck. Without it, you got almost no kill.
Nature's Revolt - The backup weapon if you don't see an Emergence anywhere.
Seal of Fire - You do need an enchantment to bounce for Emergence, so this seemed like a good addition, for more reasons than one.
Urza's Rage - You can get land pretty quickly, so a 10-point Rage can be a game winner. Also good, cheap multi-purpose burn.
Scouting Trek/Clear the Land - 5 land please, thanks.
Bedlam - Another random idea from me. A lot of land-creature fusions out, and then you smack down the Bedlam. Good game.
Seismic Assault - Your original deck did use this as the center of the deck, but why NOT use it in a land-type deck? Uncounterable burn that can put your opponent on a clock.
Land - Some more land put in, including the nonbasics.

Since you didn't send a sideboard, I'm not gonna make one :P That can be your problem. Anyways, have fun with the deck!

Keep topdecking!

Jimmy Mekaroun
Hero- on IRC