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Rainbow Bridge
By paijo on September 2, 2001

Rainbow Bridge
by paijo
DATE: Fri, 31 Aug 2001 17:43:54
From: Compute102@aol.com
To: deck_clinic@mailcity.com

I thought that decks based around Alladin's ring was cool because the shotgun
is really powerful.  But, I thought the Meteor Storm would be a bit better in
terms of a constant 4 damage.  This is the deck I came up with:

3 Glacial Wall
2 Samite Archer
4 Birds of Paradise

4 Ensnaring Bridge
4 Terminate
3 Meteor Storm
2 Wave of Reckoning
3 Counterspell
4 Elfhame Sanctuary
3 Force Spike
3 Spite/Malice

4 City of Brass
4 Forsaken City
6 Forest
3 Mountain
5 Island
2 Swamp
1 Plains


3 Global Ruin
2 COP: Red
2 Washout
2 Worship
3 Hull Breach
3 Urza's Rage

This is my idea of a fun deck.  Your opponent never knows what's gonna hit
'em.  I like how this deck has 3 ways to win:  Decking via Sanctuary, Pinging
via Archer, and Blasting via Meteor Storm. The Forsaken City helps keep the
Bridge working.  The sideboard could use a little work.  This is an
interesting deck because it is 5 color without domain.  Help me out if you

Now, since you stated yourself that this would be a fun deck, I'll stick to the theme and just try make if better without destroying the 'fun' part. Anyway, Decking via Sanctuary and Pinging via Archer in my opinion are not the way to go with the deck. The deck lacks protection for Archer (which is very very easy to kill) and wouldn't be able to withstood creature swarms for Sanctuary to be utilized. So instead, I focused on Meteor Storm, which I think is still 'very much fun'.

Meteorite or How-I-Learned-to-Stop-Worrying-and-Love-the-Fire (renamed since the old name won't apply no more)
        3 Jungle Barrier
        4 Vine Trellis

        3 Llanowar Elves
        4 Birds of Paradise

        4 Howling Mine
        4 Meteor Storm
        4 Urza's Rage
        3 Prophetic Bolt

        4 Disrupt
        4 Force Spike

        4 City of Brass
        4 Karplusan Forest
        4 Island
        5 Mountain
        6 Forest
SB:  2 Counterspell
SB:  3 Wash Out
SB:  2 Hull Breach
SB:  3 Revive
SB:  4 Gainsay
SB:  1 Prophetic Bolt

I added in damage dealing removals in place of Spite/Malice and Terminate. The main reason is because I took out Black from the deck. These spells can also be used to finish off opponents and Prophetic Bolt is good too for getting needed cards. I also added extra mana acceleration in the form of 3 Llanowar Elves, which I think would fit in nicely in the deck. After all, most of the deck great spells costs 4 and above. Meteor Storm also need 4 mana to be activated. Jungle Barrier and Vine Trellis makes good blockers. And Trellis helps with the mana, and Barrier helps with cantrip. Disrupts and Force Spikes is for small disruption and hopefully can help you protect your Meteor Storm.

All in all, I really really changed the deck. First of all I took out two of the colors, in hope of solidifying the mana base. In any case, the Black was there just for removals, so I traded those with Red removals instead. Wave of Reckoning is indeed a good card, and will fit in nicely in the deck. However, it being the only white card left, I took it out too. Mine also helps digging for burn spells, and getting extra cards for the Meteor.

There wasn't really much thought put into the sideboard, but I think it was sufficient. I added in 6 more counters for further protection of Meteor Storm. Also added the extra Prophetic Bolt. Hull Breach is self explanatory, and Wash Out made great sideboard against rushes and token decks. The Revive is there if you thinks opponent has far too much enchantment removals so you can get your Storm back.

Since the deck was meant for fun, I tried to stick with the fun theme. I think I did okay in that, and I had a lot of fun just trying it out in solitaire mode in apprentice.

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