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Mighty Tinderfarm
By paijo on September 2, 2001


Mighty Tinderfarm

by paijo

My second clinic :

John Crunkleton
Hatter on irc

I've been playing this deck on the net for a while now, attempting to make it
fairly competitive.  I've been very happy with the Sabertooth Nishoba's and they
have wormed in from the sideboard to the main deck.  The sac lands are
admittedly odd, but have made things interesting vs. permission decks, and has
given me the opportunity to cast things like sabertooth and angels early, or in
windows of opportunity (particularly when combined with Tree and Dead).   The
sideboard is pretty sketchy, I've done what I can based upon what I've seen,
things like Samite Ministration are tossed in because I was getting sick of
death grasps in the W/B match up.  Most of the sideboard offerings are
inadequately tested though.  I suspect there is a lot of room for growth there. 
Thanks for any suggestions or help that you may have.

//NAME: mighty tinderfarm.dec
// 2 cc
        4 Utopia Tree
        4 Llanowar Dead
// 3 cc
        4 Phyrexian Rager
        4 Plague Spitter
        4 Phyrexian Arena
        3 Overgrown Estate
        4 Pernicious Deed
        2 Vindicate
// high cost
        3 Desolation Angel
        4 Sabertooth Nishoba
// land
        4 Forest
        4 Swamp
        4 Caves of Koilos
        2 Llanowar Wastes
        2 Elfhame Palace
        4 Ancient Spring
        4 Tinder Farm
// sideboard
SB:  2 Samite Ministration
SB:  2 Spiritmonger
SB:  2 Shield of Duty and Reason
SB:  2 Consume Strength
SB:  2 Mask of Intolerance
SB:  2 Voice of All
SB:  2 Agonizing Demise
SB:  2 Wax/Wane

This deck seems quite very well tuned, although there are some cards I don't like having in it, and some cards that I would want to have in it. All in all I think the usage of the sac lands is a very interesting choice and I'll try to leave the land composition as it is. I do think, however, that Destructive Flow can really really kill this deck, although it does have some ways to deal with it [Deed, Vindicate and Wax/Wane in SB]. But still, I tweaked it a little and here's the result

mighty tinderfarm v2.0
//NAME: Untitled Deck
        3 Tinder Farm
        3 Ancient Spring
        2 Elfhame Palace
        3 Llanowar Wastes
        5 Forest
        6 Swamp
        4 Caves of Koilos

        3 Utopia Tree
        3 Llanowar Dead
        4 Phyrexian Rager
        4 Plague Spitter

        3 Death Grasp
        4 Vindicate
        4 Pernicious Deed
        3 Phyrexian Arena

        2 Desolation Angel
        4 Sabertooth Nishoba
SB:  3 Samite Ministration
SB:  1 Death Grasp
SB:  3 Spiritmonger
SB:  2 Shield of Duty and Reason
SB:  3 Mask of Intolerance
SB:  3 Wax/Wane

Again, I don't see the need for Overgrown Estate. It makes for a great combo with Angel but then again if you manage to cast Angel but that's just about it. So I took all three of them, took some other minor stuff and added two extra Vindicate and three Death Grasp.

I think the addition of 5 extra removals will help pave the way for Sabertooth easily. Also took out one Angel as the deck is lacking in white mana sources. I like the Nishoba with the combination of the sac lands. Too bad Dark Ritual is not in IBC. I also think the addition of Samite in Sideboard makes a perfectly good sense, looking at the growing number of decks using Prophetic Bolt and Death Grasp. So all in all that's all I did with the deck.

Do note that I tried to change it as little as possible. This is because I thought it was already a good deck from the start. Again, you'll have fun using this deck.

paijo mail me