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E-League Deck Clinic

Lands? Attack!
By Nick Fernandez (Nick26) on July 16 2001

Jake Wrote:
"Hello this type 2 deck is based on the idea of animating lands. I use cards like natural emergence, nature's revolt, and jolreal to make a army and use molimo maro sorcerer for power. Here's the deck."

His Version: Lands? Attack 1.0
4 Familiar Ground
4 Goblin War Drums
4 Sterling Grove
2 Groundskeeper
4 Molimo, Maro Sorcerer
4 Mountain
4 Rith's Grove
22 Forest
4 Jolreal, Empress of the Beasts
2 Clear the Land
2 Nature's Revolt
4 Natural Emergence

I have seen many decks like this and most of the time, they have worked. In my opinion, the theme of this deck is to get as many lands out as fast as possible then animate them. So I wouldn’t play Familiar Ground or Goblin War drums. If you don’t play these then the Sterling Groves go out as well. Groundskeepers work well when some of your lands die. The rest of the deck Looks fine.

One amazing combo for a deck like this is Scouting Trek and Clear the land. This allows you to get as many as 8 lands out on turn three with help from a Llanowar Elves or a Birds of Paradise. This combo may give your opponent a little jump start with lands, but some of his key cards may get removed in the process.

Here is a deck list that I made:

Lands? Attack! version 2.0
4 Scouting Trek
4 Clear the Land
4 Molimo, Maro-Sorcerer
3 Urza's Rage
4 Harrow
4 Llanowar Elves ( or Birds of Paradise )
1 Ghitu Fire
2 Jolreal, Empress of the Beasts
4 Natural Emergence
3 Vernal Bloom
22 Forests
5 Mountains

4 Boil
2 Ghitu Fire
3 Flowstone Wall
4 Mogg Salvage
2 Cave-In

This new version of the deck is now faster, and has more ways to kill the opponent. The deck still has the same theme but has now turned into more of a control deck. The idea of the deck is to go turn one elves, turn two harrow, then Scouting Trek for 6, turn 3 play land then Clear the Land. After you do this, you have not only opened up many possibilities, but you have thinned your deck out. You had not submitted a sideboard, so I made one. It consists of cards that work well against today’s meta-games. The decks number one enemy is Orb/Opposition. For this reason about 75% of the sideboard gives you an advantage while playing against it. There are many versions of the deck, but the two popular ones are Merfolk, and Control. Either way, you end up siding in Mogg Salvage and Boil. If playing against the Merfolk Version, you side in those two along with Cave-In. Against Fires it sides in Flowstone Wall, and against aggressive decks, it sides in 2 Ghitu Fires.

I hope this clinic helped you with your deck.

Until Next time,
Nick Fernandez
a.k.a Nick26 on Irc.