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Patriotic Angel
By Hero- July 24 2001

Donald writes,

Hey, I was hoping you could help me with my new T2 deck Idea. I'm trying to make a deck that doesnt depend on any MM block cards. I'm doing this cause, I'm a 1.x player trying to get into T2, and I'm also poor :)

My idea is a R/W/U (I didnt do that purpously!) permission deck that has some sweet finishers and can keep board control till they come out.

Please Help me out

Patriotic Angel
4x Lightning Angel (My main force)
2x Rakavolver (back-up force. I think it is the best volver)
4x Meddling Mage
3x Razorfin Hunter
4x Absorb
4x Exclude
4x Seal of Removal
4x Memory Lapse
4x Counterspell
2x Orim's Thunder
1x Wrath of God

I havent done a sideboard cause I dont know what the metagame will be. I know I want it mostly U/W with a splash of red.

Thanks for reading this far!

Okay, first of all, I just want to point out if anyone submits a deck to the Deck Clinic, they must have the ENTIRE deck, that is, spells and land. This is pointed out in the Deck Clinic Submission Guidelines. Further decks submitted like this one will NOT be reviewed and sent back. Please follow the guidelines.

Onto the deck. Razorfin Hunters are too weak for this Type 2 Enviroment. If you want more control, I suggest drawing spells.

Patriotic Angel (revised by Hero-)
4 Lightning Angel
4 Rakavolver
4 Meddling Mage
2 Mahamoti Djinn
4 Counterspell
4 Absorb
4 Memory Lapse
4 Accumulated Knowledge
3 Wrath of God
3 Dismantling Blow
6 Plains
6 Island
4 Coastal Tower
4 Battlefield Forge
4 Shivan Reef

3 Millstone
3 Dodecapod
3 Last Breath
3 Orim's Thunder
3 Story Circle

With this build, you now have more drawing capabilites, plus a little more beef to kill off your opponent.

Card-by-Card Analysis
Lightning Angel - Good creature capable of going the distance.
Rakavolver - This is one of the best volvers to come out of Apocalypse. 5/5 flying life-gainers are always fun.
Meddling Mage - Good vs those spells you don't want to see, or can't counter.
Mahamoti Djinn - Here's your backup force.
Counterspell - Counters... spells... yeah...
Absorb - Does the same, and gets you some life too.
Memory Lapse - Good way to set back your opponent a turn.
Accumulated Knowledge - Cheap drawing effects. Gets bigger the more you use.
Wrath of God - I put more in my revision because it's perfect for a control deck. It's also good vs Rebels and Fires.
Dismantling Blow - More drawing effects with the Disenchant effect.

And sideboard:
Millstone - Good vs other control decks.
Dodecapod - Great vs a turn 2 Gerrard's Verdict or other discard effects.
Last Breath - Say no to Nether Spirits.
Orim's Thunder - If you feel you need some burn instead of drawing, put these in.
Story Circle - Kills most monored decks and Fires.

Other suggestions for the deck would be maindeck Tsabo's Web, and maybe some burn. Maybe you can trade your 1.x cards for these T2 cards if you're so poor.

Keep topdecking!

Jimmy Mekaroun
Hero- on IRC