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R-U-W Control
by Hero- August 19th 2001

Pete writes,

Hi!my name is Pete. My deck is White/red/blue and its not very good. I hope that you fix my deck. thanks!

2 x Shivan reef
2 x Batlefield Forge
4 x Coastal Tower
5 x Island
7 x Mountain
4 x Plains
4 x Lightning Angel
4 x Goblin Legionnaire
3 x Galinas Knight
3 x Razorfin Hunter
2 x Flametongue Kavu
3 x Prophetic Bolt
1 x Suffocating Blast
1 x Fact or Fiction
4 x Fire/ice
2 x Quicksilver Dagger
2 x Captain's Maneuver
4 x Opt
2 x Worldly Counsel
2 x Dismantling Blow
4 x Illuminate
4 x Jilt
4 x Dodecapod
2 x Desolation giant
1 x Flowstone Charger

I've already made a R/W/U deck for Type 2, so this one is for IBC. I can see some problems with the mana structure. Also, some cards are meant not to be played in Constructed, like Razorfin Hunter and Quicksilver Dagger.

White/Red/Blue (revised by Hero-)

4 Coastal Tower
4 Shivan Reef
4 Battlefield Forge
5 Mountain
4 Island
3 Plains

4 Galina's Knight
4 Goblin Legionnaire
4 Rakavolver
4 Lightning Angel
3 Flametongue Kavu

4 Fire/Ice
3 Urza's Rage
3 Prophetic Bolt
4 Fact or Fiction
3 Orim's Thunder

4 Dodecapod
4 Gainsay
3 Jilt
2 Desolation Giant
2 Disrupt

No more 2's of this and 2's of that. There is more consistency with 3's and 4's. Also a lot of the sub-par cards were taken out for more better ones. Now a more in-depth description of the cards.

Card-by-Card Analysis
Lands - Painlands do hurt, but they are necessary. You need 4 of each to make a difference.
Galina's Knight - Great turn 2 drop vs Rocket Shoes (R/G) and other red decks.
Goblin Legionnaire - Runner-up in the good turn 2 drop of the deck. It's like a bastardized Shock Troops/Orim's Touch.
Rakavolver - Get this guy with both kickers and you have a 5/5 flying Spirit Linked monster.
Lightning Angel - Fast and efficient. Good kill card.
Flametongue Kavu - Spits at the opposition with a fiery loogie.
Fire/Ice - Burn a critter or tap it down. You make the call.
Urza's Rage - Burn burn and more burn. Can't counter this.
Prophetic Bolt - Hooray for the Lightning Blast/Impulse fusion!
Fact or Fiction - 4 is needed in the deck so you can draw more threats or even land that you may need.
Orim's Thunder - Since you got enough drawing with the FoF and the Bolt, I chose Orim's Thunder over Dismantling Blow.
And with the sideboard:
Dodecapod - Have no fear, Sand Giant is here! Don't be afraid of Gerrard's Verdict/Ravenous Rats/Blazing Specter/other discard stuff.
Gainsay - Good vs blue decks like GoMar and even NoMar.
Jilt - Die weenie decks, die. Fatties can go back to the hand too.
Desolation Giant - Good vs fast creature decks and creatures you can't kill with normal means.
Disrupt - Counters... spells, but instants and sorceries only!

Some other suggestions for the R/W/U build could be Goblin Trenches. It's a good card to serve the beats. This deck is pretty good on it's own though.

Keep topdecking!

Jimmy Mekaroun
Hero- on IRC