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Portal: Three Kingdoms

Printing Information
The Portal: Three Kingdoms set is the third set for the Portal card game. It is based entirely on China's epic drama Romance of the Three Kingdoms. This story has been compared in importance to the Homeric and Arthurian tales. The art in this set will be by popular asian artists.

Portal: Three Kingdoms was printed with white borders on the face of the cards. Cards can be identified by the expansion symbol on the right hand size of the middle section. The expansion symbol is a chinese character for the number '3' (looks like a letter 'Z' with a line under it). The expansion symbol is black for common cards () silver for uncommon cards () and gold for rare cards ().

The 180 card set's breakdown by rarity looks like this:
55 Rares
55 Uncommons
70 Commons

It was released in May 1999 in Japan. It was also released in English, but not in the United States. It was only made available in Asia-Pacific countries (although many people have imported the cards from those countries back to the U.S. and other countries).

The print run is unknown.

Cards were written under a subset of Fifth Edition rules that is specific to Portal.

Packaging Information
10 card booster packs (1 rare, 2 uncommon, 5 common, 2 land) originally retailed for $2.50. 60 packs per box.

40 card preconstructed decks originally retailed for $5.95. 3 different decks.

Other Products
Portal: Three Kingdoms was part of the Portal game along with Portal: Second Age.

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Card Lists
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Text (15k)July 1999
Text Spoiler (73k)July 1999
Text (19k) - Oracle ErrataJan 2008

Booster pack
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