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What is Apprentice?

Apprentice is a graphical-tabletop based freeware program that allows one to play Magic: The Gathering against another players over the Internet. The program contains a working database of every Magic card ever created as well as a means to keep track of all the information required to conduct a full game. With it, one could construct any deck type, limited only by one's imagination. Effectively this means your next magic duel may not be against your next-door neighbor, but rather against someone halfway around the world. That is the goal -- to break the boundaries. Apprentice requires Windows 95, 98, NT, or 2000. Development for Macintosh, Linux, and BeOS will begin after Apprentice 2.0 is completed.

Download Apprentice

   Windows 95/98:
     Apprentice 1.46 (from Dragonstudios)
     Apprentice 1.46 (from www.psi-soft.co.uk)
     Apprentice 1.46 (from bogardan.cjb.net)
     Apprentice 1.46 (from www.magicshop.cx)

   Windows NT/2000:
     Apprentice 1.46 (from Dragonstudios)

Download Addons and Updates

   Oracle Card Set Update by Roanne Leavitt:
     Oracle Update (from Dragonstudios)
     Oracle Update (from www.e-league.com)
     (Instructions: Download, unzip into the Sets directory, overwrite old files)

   Apprentice Themes:
     Chocolate Theme by Shroomie (from Dragonstudios)
     Vanilla Theme by Shroomie (from Dragonstudios)
     Blueberry Theme by Shroomie (from Dragonstudios)
     Opal Theme by Konofo (from Dragonstudios)
     Black Hole Theme by Konofo (from Dragonstudios)
     (Note: Hold shift while clicking to download these)

   Apprentice Theme Maker:
     Theme Maker (from Dragonstudios)
     (Warning: This is only for advanced users)

Copyright 1999, Ryan Davis