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What is Magic Suitcase?

Magic Suitcase is a Windows based software package that is designed to assist Magic: The Gathering players with various aspects of the game. Using this software, an individual could quickly and easily reference any card by means of a keyword, inventory their current collection, build and test any number of custom or preconstructed decks, or generate a sealed deck for tournament practice. Suitcase also includes the ability to create and print a "Proxy", or substitute card, so that you can keep your collection in good quality condition.

Download Magic Suitcase

   Windows 95/98/NT:
     Magic Suitcase 5.0 Beta (from Dragonstudios)
     Magic Suitcase 5.0 Beta (from NTU)

     Magic Suitcase 4.0 (from Dragonstudios)
     Magic Suitcase 4.0 File 2 (from Dragonstudios)
     Magic Suitcase 4.0 File 3 (from Dragonstudios)
     Magic Suitcase 4.0 File 4 (from Dragonstudios)
     Magic Suitcase 4.0 File 5 (from Dragonstudios)
     Magic Suitcase 4.0 File 6 (from Dragonstudios)
     (Note: Unzip all 6 files into the same directory and run "suitcs4.exe" to install)

Download Addons and Updates

   Previous Version Updates:
     Magic Suitcase Beta Build 15 Update (from NTU)
     Magic Suitcase MM Update (from Dragonstudios)

Copyright 1999, Ryan Davis