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Programs and Patches

Download Apprentice and Addons (Program to play Magic online)

Apprentice for Windows 95/98

Apprentice 1.46 Win95/98 - from E-League
Apprentice 1.46 Win95/98 - from Dragonstudios

Apprentice for Windows 2K/NT

Apprentice 1.46 Win2K/NT - from E-League
Apprentice 1.46 Win2K/NT - from Dragonstudios

The Complete patch with every set from E-League. Kindly note that this has ALL the sets in it (YES, THIS MEANS JUDGMENT!) with their EXACT wordings from the official Oracle card database. (Updated 05-16-02)

Download Netdraft and Addons (Program to perform online Booster and Rochester Drafts)

First of all, thanks VERY much to Spambob for building this AMAZING improvement over previous Netdrafts.

Netdraft 1.41 has the following features:
-Server gives correct Apprentice security codes for decks after deckbuilding.
-Previously hidden kick and silent options are visible.
-Real pack generation uses given card counts, not 1-3-11.
-Settings are saved in the system registry, not NetDraft.ini. This includes last draft configuration, form positions, and almost everything else.
-Silent draft available.
-Seating generation doesn't screw the last person to join.
-Kick players before the draft starts.
-Fixed seating works.
-Server make random picks for people who drop (only works in booster draft).

Netdraft1.4 install - Full 1.4 install with Apocalypse. from E-League
Visual Basic Runtimes - to allow you to install the new version of Netdraft - from E-League
NetDraft1.41.exe - The upgrade for those who need only the latest.exe. This is useless if you haven't run the installer yet. from E-League

Judgment Patch for Netdraft. In order to run this patch on version 1.4x, you need to do the following to the Windows registry:
2) RUN
3) Type regedit
4) From the RegEditor: Click HKEY_CURRENT_USER
5) Click Software
6) Click VB and VBA
7) Click NetDraft
8) Click Sets
9) EDIT... New... String Value 's2026'
10) EDIT... Modify... 'Judgment'

Torment Patch for Netdraft. In order to run this you need to do the same thing as above, just using 'Torment' instead of 'Judgement' and 's2025' instead of 's2026'.
Odyssey Patch for Netdraft. In order to run this you need to do the same thing as above, just using 'Odyssey' instead of 'Torment' and 's2024' instead of 's2025'.

Older versions of Netdraft

Netdraft 1.33 - from E-League (Updated through 7th edition)

Netdraft 1.35 Update

Netdraft 1.35 Update - from E-League

Odyssey Patch for 1.3x
1.35 Oddysey ND patch - from E-League