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Windows 95/98 - Download Apprentice32 Version 1.3 for Windows 95/98 as a Self-Extractible EXE (2.02 MB): From, From Mirror Site #1, or From Mirror Site #2.
MacOS - Download a BETA Version of MacApprentice (Apprentice for MacOS):
From, From Mirror Site #1, or From Mirror Site #2.

Urza's Saga Update for Appr 1.3
Download the update from, From Mirror Site #1, or From Mirror Site #2

Apprentice32 Minimum System Requirements
PC 486/25MHZ
Windows 95/98

AOL Users Require:
AOLV3.0 or greater, or AOL95

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As a service to our users, certain past versions of Apprentice may be made available. Currently only version 1.0d is offered. The reason for this is twofold: 1.0d will work on systems that are not powerfull enough to run Win32s and 1.0d has limited (but *buggy*) modem and cable connection capibilities. This version is not compatible with any other versions.

Windows 3.X/95/98 - Click here to download Apprentice32 Version 1.0d for Windows 3.X/95/98.

Apprentice32 and Graphics Copyright 1998 Dragonstar Software