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Hey! We finally got some themes up here. The beta theme maker has been posted on our downloads page. If you have a theme feel free to send it to shroomie@dragonstudios.com for review and possible posting.
Black Hole
This is my second attempt at an Apprentice theme. I do hope you enjoy it. This uses some of the same tricks as Opal, and in fact has the same editor graphics. I think the cards in this theme are a little more legible than in Opal. Thanks again to Shroomie (Ryan Davis) for all his work creating this great program.
Download ( konofo | 123 K)

I created this theme to use some of the new theme features I built into Apprentice. It is based on a litestep theme and uses many recycled graphics. This is the theme you'll most often find on my screen. Enjoy!
Download ( Shroomie | 166 K)

The original Apprentice theme! Uses a basic silver form style, card-like card backs, and the Apprentice star logo. Thanks to all the contributers over time to this one.
Download ( Shroomie | 110 K)

Thanks for checking out my first attempt at an Apprentice theme. I do hope you enjoy it. There are a lot of little things that make this theme unique, such as the semi-transparent cards and the background extension towards the left. These little things took surprisingly long to implement, but I think they were worth the effort. Thanks to Shroomie (Ryan Davis) for all his help in deciphering his then-undocumented theme editor. :)
Download ( konofo | 115 K)

This theme was mostly the work of Toxen and has become another wonderfull flavor in the Dragonstar collection.
Download ( Shroomie | 61 K)

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