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Welcome to the E-League Deck Clinic.

New Manager, Round 3. Hi folks, this is _Urza_. I'm gonna be the bestest manager ever. =P

We're still looking for Clinicians, so if you feel you are up to it, feel free to drop me a line down at deck_clinic@mailcity.com. During the next couple of weeks I will be deciding which clinicianss are the most desirable.

Also look for guest clinicians and other interesting things coming up.

Magical card players, this is your turn in the spotlight. You, the player want to have a great deck - we help you get there. So we take the decks you send us and give you pointers: better cards, mana bases, sideboards... We are here to help you, the average card flopper become a better player, so please, send us your idea, your deck, your concept.

Before submitting your decks please read these guidelines to enable us to more easily read and clinic them. Please email all decks to deck_clinic@mailcity.com

Greg Franklin - _Urza_ on IRC (pdfranklin@worldnet.att.net): Deck Clinic Manager.
Others To be anounced.

Decks: (format = date posted, deck name, and clinician/person who cliniced it.)

Type Two:
10/08/01 B/W/U Control by KrmtDfrog

Invasion Block Constructed:
09/06/01 Penumbra Zoo by Grim13
09/03/01 Mighty Tinderfarm by Paijo
08/28/01 Sanctuary by Grim13
08/27/01 Devotion by Grim13
08/18/01 R-U-W by Hero-
07/20/01 Mystic Delusions By ACE__ (Steve Cornelius)
07/20/01 Flame Dance By Hero-
07/18/01 Spectral Arena By Hero- [sorry put this in the wrong block originally. :)]

Type Two May 2001:
07/09/01 Avatar UB control -- by Hero-(Jimmy Mekaroun)

Type Two July 2001:
09/12/01 R/B/U Nether by _Urza_
09/06/01 Noble Snakes by Hero-
09/06/01 Rebel Opposition by Spike85
09/05/01 W/R/U Stuff by _Urza_
09/03/01 B/R Land Destruction by KrmtDfrog
09/03/01 Meteorite by Paijo
09/01/01 Angel Beats by Paijo
09/01/01 Mass Exodus by Hero-
08/29/01 Lands, Ho! by Hero-
08/24/01 Dragon Arch by _Urza_
08/24/01 Landwalking by KrmtDfrog
08/18/01 Hippo Control by Hero-
08/15/01 Pied Piper by KrmtDfrog
07/24/01 Patriotic Angel by Hero-
07/23/01 Bouncy Snake BUG by Armyhead
07/21/01 Blast-O-Ruin by Hero-
07/17/01 Goblins, Again? By Armyhead
07/16/01 Lands? Attack! by Nick26 (Nick Fernandez)
07/15/01 Destructive Flow.dec by Hero-
07/14/01 Black White Discard by Armyhead
07/12/01 Goblin Crusade by Armyhead* (attn: Correction within)
07/11/01 ElfBall WG -- by Armyhead
07/10/01 Ana-Monger -- by Hero- (Jimmy Mekaroun)

Type Two March 2001:

Type Extended (1.x):
08/29/01 Let the Spirit Move You by Hero-

Type 1.5:

Type One:
07/09/01 Red Black Land Destruction -- by theBrain (Rudy VanSoest)